Hey guys, Im very new to editing HTML and venturing into writing code.
I wanted to ask the community here for a little help, adding an icon which becomes included in each post I make on blogger.

Heres an image of how the code translates on my blog currently; and how I would like for the appearance after a code mod.


I want to get that litle leaf to show up, on the post body when ever I post. Not sure how simple it is to do this?
It's just for aesthetics but would make all the differnce to the blog format.
would really appreciate any help guys, I have the little leaf icon url uploaded, just have no clue where to post the code or what code to install into the template.

cheers, Milton

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Umm ... do you mean HTML? :)

You can make an image with <img src="http://www.site.com/path/to/image.gif" alt="Image Alternate Text" />

You need to find out where the right place in the template files is ... that's not something anyone can help you with, without seeing what you're seeing. Are you using Wordpress??

Hi Dani, yeh HTML, cant believe that mistake. *amended first post.

Im using blogspot. Its a free template which I downloaded and have been adding some alterations too. Just background colours and deleting a few unwanted widgets etc.

If I can paste anything here to help locate where I should be adding the code please let me know, It would be awesome to see this work ;v;

hey, just thought Id add an update. Dani that line of text was really helpful! I managed to get the image to show up: https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/678x158q90/855/lruu.png with the bounding box but thats the theme of the template for now, going to try and remove that for this image some how.

I ended up using a mix of firefox Inspect elment tools, and combination of finding the right widget line, in the blogger HTML editor. I guess it was a fluke but thanks for the time to reply Dani:D

cheers, Milton.

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