i want to aske that how to make our controls in asp.net responsive i always have probleme with the positioning of the controls in the right place for example: if i want to put my controls in the center i should use margins and paddings
but the probleme with this is if you small the browser from its actuall it will still have its margins and it looks very bad if its maximised no probleme it looks perfect please help me i want in both stuition the controls inside the webform should be resposive either in maximized mode or either if the browser is small

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The fact that its asp.net shouldn't be the focus because all of these controls will render as HTML elements. So you simply need to use CSS to style it appropriate so it behaves responsive.

margins paddings pretty much everything except a picture, are never dimensioned in px, or any fixed size dimension, it does not work
current best practice is em rem % elements and spacings, which look very similar on all devices
if all horizontal dimensions add to 100%, the window is full, regardless how big or small the screen is, or how much of the screen the window occupies

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