I want to add the custom panel which include The Subscribe button and some text (ex: Subscribe to receive newsletter for each updates) But this panel should be pop-up as for every pages and also yes only at the right-bottom.
Which floats to up and if close then it must be disapear unless the panel go down.

And I am fully new to this so i also want to customize much more.
I want to msg on my email for each subscriber.
Details i want if they click subscribe btn: Their Name and Email, OS, IP ( OS as I can target my others project to which OS they follow, IP as for security, and name to save email list in my database {i create the excel file where i want to save})

I am using the Free website Builder so Dont know much with database too...
(for nore details: Using weebly website builder.
my website is here if you want to preview for graphic.)

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Be very careful with popups as they can kill a site on mobile or make things inaccessible.

Less is more AFAIK. If you can do without it, do without it.

Agreed with @diafol. Things like this can sometimes be a bit too pretty, and begin to weigh everything else down. But if you want to try this idea then lots of other websites do it so fair enough.

Taking that into account, I've made a rubblish little jsFiddle. You can sort out the design and branding, but at least it works and will close with a sassy animation when you click the link. I've done it as a function so you can incorporate it after the data has been submitted. It also uses a media query to only display on slightly larger devices (so you may need to resize the fiddle to see it).

I have never used weebly, so haven't a clue how easy something like this is to implament. The fact its a free website generator (unadviseable) suggests it could be difficult. What will definately be even more of a nightmare is getting the data to actually submit, be processed into a database, and then be exported as a CSV (something excel will handle).

It strikes the question: is it really worth it? Surely there are pre-built packages that will be a damn site easier to use?

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HAving visited your site, you seem to produce good software. I suggest you pare back all the jazz on the site though. There's a lot going on - scrolling text, rotating planets, various heading styles... but I'm not criticising, just stating that it's very busy and adding more jack-in-the-box functionality may be a step too far. just my 2p.

Ok, I dont want to add the Pop Up,

I will add the panel in Footer,

I want to show my panel like this: f1ec5373a029aa1c2b77908666c58fdd

Isn't here anyone who can help me... ?

I dont mean i want to create exactly this type of Panel.
I want to create similar to this.

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Not sure what you want. You can create a form I take it. You can use CSS to style your elements.

I want to create similar to this.

What exactly do you need help with?

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