Does anyone wish to share any user experiences with any of these companies ? Any specifics would be great especially as it relates to the shopping cart and ease of uploading photo images.

Thank You

@scott I assume you are looking for a free web hosting as all the above allows you to create a website for free. However you have also mentioned a shopping cart.

Can you let me know what is your purpose? Are you just experimenting or want to start a proper website with shopping cart? Only then I can suggest something

The best I advise I've heard is, you get what you pay for.


The purpose of my question is that I have a small start up company that my former partner allowed some custom work to be done that now requires me to be now have to get someone to assit with CSS changes as needed or explore the option of a drop / drag platform.

@scott - I would advise that you go for wordpress with you own domain name. Wordpress can be setup in 1 day, there are thousands of themes to choose from and you can get a standard website up and running ( with full control and flexibility ) in quick time.

You will just need to register a domain name and needs basic linux hosting for a wordpress website. You can register a domain name on godaddy and hsot a site on any basic shared hosting. Here are some hosting options to choose from

If you need any further help feel free to ask.

Great info.I'll review the variety of themes thet offer. Thanks for your feedback.

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