if i have complete webpage in chrome when i open opera alignment proble occur and also destop width is change please give me solution

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Have you tried the width size as percentage?
Its better than give a fixed size.

/* Ex: In your stylesheet, (values just used for reference) */
/* Do, */
    width: 50%;

/* instead of, width: 200px; */

i have complete my webpage in small desktop but i have run another large desktop then my webpage display in half of screen only background color is set what is solution my page full page of screen


sorry this one also when my webpage run in chrome website it is not correct but i run in ie and mosila firefox alignment change give me solution


I repeat:

ANy chance of you showing your markup and css or are we supposed to guess?

Why are you making it so difficult for us to help you? Ask the question properly by supplying all the relevant information, such as your markup and your CSS. If you don't want to do this, then I will assume that your question will go unanswered. There are many talented individuals on this site waiting to help, but not even they have a crystal ball.

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What language do I code crystal ball in?!?
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