I have a menu I am working on for my company and I have exhausted myself on this. I have read all kinds of stuff on bubbling, fromTarget, relatedtarget and such. Any input is greatly appreciated :


<div onmouseover onmouseout>

............... inside of the div is three tables .....................

............... each table will have a td with an img with a rollover for the img


whats happening is when you rollover any part of the div, the whole background image is dissappearing and flickering. The onmouseout of the div call a JS function that sets a timer and fades the opactiy to 50% after 10 seconds of the mouse not moving over the menu. Only happens on 2 out of 15 computers in the office, so its something unique. Works great in FF / Opera / Safar, IE is the problem child.


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I'd say that the problem is the spec on the machines (even if its not)... Javascript tends to be bad with string operations and regex can also be slow. Javascript can also have issues with method stacks.

But I'd consider the machine spec first.

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