Over the next few weeks (or days - depending on how much time i have) I'll help with the very basics of SQL (and PHP).

These are the points I'll be covering (all from scratch of course)

Local Server setting up

  • php
  • mysql
  • apache

Database Basics

  • Simple Database Creation
  • Database Uploading (& Converting)
  • Database connecting

PHP Basics

  • Simple PHP Creation (application based)

Database Intermediates

  • Myphp Admin Db creation
  • IP loggin and banning
  • Site user creations
  • Printing onscreen
  • SQL table queries

For this workshop you will require the following applications:

  • mysql
  • php
  • apache
  • ms access (or any other database creation application you are comfortable with)
  • ms access to mysql converter (if you using another application, just google it)
  • PHP Makers

NB: I'm not writing this guide for myself, and im not planning to spoon feed anyone. So Vol.1 will only be released if 5 or more members request it.

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Have a look at my tutorial for setting up a LAMP server on debian/ubuntu. It details exactly what packages you need to apt-get and how to change the MySQL root password.

I am requesting it... my goal is to create a Membership for my company. I would like my members to have Usernames and Passwords, and I would like to have a Login page. From my understanding, I'm going to need to have a database driven website to do this, and your knowledge would be very helpful. I'm very new to designing websites, databases, and computers altogether, so any help would be truly appreciated.

I hope everyone else feels the same way!

Yea me too. I have downloaded the applications but I was only able to try out oracle10 express. I have to some extent mastered SQL and way into PHP at the w3school site.
My question is that can I use my same system to set up as my database server OR i need another system entirely and if so, the security implications involved.
This LAMP on debian/ubuntu utorial jbennet menioned did not carry the link to he tutorial. Will he kindly do that?

Do you mean LAMP server on debian/ubuntu or the tutorial you wrote on it?


Hello Macneato,

I know this post is fairly old but if you have created a volume by now can you please post it up. Your information would be greatly appreciated not only by me but from the whole community.


Hello Macneato,
We are waiting pls. Do us the favour even if it is releasing it chapter by chapter. We really appreciate it.

For local installation & config of Apache, PHP, JSP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin & WordPress on Windows XP/2000 you can use this guide. Little outdated like jbennet tutorial ;), but is functional


Thank you for your contribution to the community. It is much appreciated.


Yeah im thinking about updating my tutorial and improving it

Me TOO I would love to see this in action, please post

Me TOO I would love to see this in action, please post

To see in action what???

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