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I created and run a club web-sited created using Cutesite and now want to create a page that only members can access by using a Password available to them. I have not got a clue how to do this and don't even know if it's possible with this type of programme. Any advice gratefully received. Cheers, Tez

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You will have to a server side language like ASP, PHP, ASP.NET etc... and a database.

Thanks, don't think I know how to do this. Hoped there might be a simple solution e.g. buy-in a ready written package but perhaps this is not as easy as I imagine. Perhaps it's not possible within Cutesite Builder either.
Thanks anyway, Tez

First, your website provider must be one that supports server-side scripts. Mine does so - for an extra monthly fee.

Second, you need a database of all registered users on your website's server.

Third, you must write a script in a server-side language to operate the login process.

JavaScript can't do this, because it runs on the client's computer, and can't see the database. Also, the user can copy and read the javascript by saving the web page to his hard disk. So he could read any passwords you hid in the JavaScript.

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