I read an article from the watch dog section of Maximum PC magazine and several reviews online about freeipods.com. I went to the site and to me it looks like a scam. What does everyone else think about it?

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It works. It also gets you and your friends lots of junk mail and makes you sign up for lots of crap and mailing lists. But, good golly miss molly, you do get that free iPod!


It's a pyramid scheme.
Those indeed can work, but the odds are huge against you.

You sign up for a ton of spam and have to buy expensive stuff. Then you have to get a ton of people to do the same to get the free iPod. Those people then have to sign up even more people... Pretty soon the whole thing collapses.
It's a scam. For the money you could save by not buying the overpriced products you have to buy to even be allowed to participate you could have bought several iPods and you'd not have made enemies of your friends and opened your mailbox to a ton of spam.

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