Build your next screamer in an aquarium :icon_cheesygrin:

What would happen if you stuck your hand in the water,etc when the computer was on?? (I reckon you would get a shock)

Frankly i dont know how stuff runs IN LIQUID!!

The liquid doesn't conduct electricity. it is actually a type of oil.

the great thing about this oil is that it takes no modification to the computer to use it. you just run all your cords out the top of the tank and submerge the whole computer. iv seen one system that actually used this stuff. he said it cost him almost $1000 just to submerge his computer.

I dont think i would be brave enough to do it!!

i know.... It was kinda cool to see a computer under (what looks like) water.

But for $1000 i don't think it is worth it

you can also run this stuff through a water cooling system for a boost in cooling power. and if you are worried about a leek in your water cooler this is good stuff because it won't harm you hardware if your cooling system decides to spring a leak.