hi there.
wondering if anyone can help.
Iv got this little mp3 player, its like a ipod shuffle but not. 1gb,
Its got some songs i just managed to get on it (cos when i try and install it it says theres a prblem installing the hardware, than the inbuilt software is apparently a trojan so my antivirus rejects it)


Managed to get music on it, and it was playing lush, till yesterday the battery was totaly used up, i brought it home, put it on charge, and now wheni listen to it its as if the music is low quality compared to how it was before. but i havent physically done anything to the files?!

it really is a basic player, an on off switch,a usb port and the play pause and skip/vol buttons. nothing else. no display or anything.

can anyone help?thanks

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what brand is it? there have been a lot of problems with the really cheap Ipod knock off MP3 players. try deleting everything off of it the turn your anti virus off and put the songs on there again. If that doesn't work take it back and get a new one.

no brand to it, only cost a fiver to be fair, and yeah i guess it is like a knock off ipod, i just wasnt really botherd what it looked like, just wanted something small, but big enough to hold music as i get anxious when im outdoors, and it helps to have music,

i cant connect it to my laptop (xp sp2) for some reason, it just gives me the runabout saying its found new hardware, but then cant install it (problem installing hardware)
it tries 4 things, usb mass storage, flash drive, CD rom drive(which is conversion software so i was told by ebay seller, and what was showing as a trojan the one time it worked) and generic volume.

iv managed after fighting a few times to get it to stay on to put music on, but as soon as you d/c it it "uninstalls again". and it shows in hardware list with a ! but wont install properly.or show in my comuter to access the flash disk.

yea the software on the device itself is bad. this has been a problem with these before. there was actually a guy asking about this exact same problem a few weeks ago. i think he wound up just throwing it away and buying one from wal-mart.

sorry to disappoint.

it works fine on vista. just not my xp.
go figure.
ideas how i can get it working on my xp and ill figure the playing issue.

try installing service pack 3.

got it working on my laptop now, but still bad quality

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