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I've been looking at different remote support options for the BlackBerry, we all have them at home at Mum is forever having to ask for help! So I started a little websearch for the best one, although we've already got something similar for all our laptops and desktops; it's much more of a challenge to find something for a mobile device - let alone a BlackBerry!

So I was rather impressed when I found Ignition, although it has been aroud for some time, it now has full support for the BlackBerry (although it's unknown whether it'll support the awaited OS6).

It was able to give me every piece of information about our devices, and even take full control of them. Not only over the mobile network but it worked just as well over Wi-Fi and UMA.

The only issue I could see was that it didn't give you much control over the running processes, only displayed them. A great service other than that!

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