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There is an acknowledged problem with the Samsung NC10 netbook and other of their netbooks. Mine was about 3 months out of warranty.

Problem: Screen goes blank at higher brilliance levels.

Disclaimer: The following will work but is not a repair! The logic and troubleshooting might be a good laugh for someone more knowledgeable than I am. No charge for the entertainment. ":o)

I'm guessing: The LCD display cable (bundled, not ribbon) has a separation in a critical conductor. At higher current levels (?) the break opens and stops conducting causing the screen to go bright. (?)

I was given the advice that by removing the LCD screen back I could get access to this bundled cable! By MOVING the cable slightly or putting the turn in the cable at a slightly different location (which worked for me) I was able to FIX THE PROBLEM "FOR A WHILE." (2 months, so far) This was not a repair, but it got my netbook up and running at full brilliance or any setting between. (My model has software that selects 8 brilliance levels.)

My grandson got it apart for me.

He is not for rent. ":o)

Best of fortune with your "repair" attempts.


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