I am planning to buy a laptop and confused on which one to buy...

1. Lenovo Y560 (i3 proc)
2. Hp Pavilion DV6-3056TX
3. Sony Vaio VPCEB16FG

which to buy from the above.....( i chose Lenovo Y560 but heard build quality is very poor..duno)

If there is any other laptop in the same price as them then pls mention them also ...

i do play games on them but even the Laptop wont play games in High settings i am ok if it plays in Medium settings....

Which Laptops you preferred i don't know anything about them. But i will suggest that you prefer to buy a Dell laptop because dell have a good quality and you also want to play games on the laptop that's why Dell is very suitable for you. I am also using Dell inspiron 1545 from last 2 years everything is best in it i'm also use to play games. i have never face any problem with it's battery backup is also good.

okies thanks shall consider that :)

Don't buy the HP Pavilion there are major problem with the motherboard - tbh just go into a computer store and look around see which ones you like, my final decision was made on how pretty it looks , also look at the weight of each laptop

Yeah 3 of my friends have got HP and all have gotten into problem with in one year.... Finally decided to go for i5 Lenovo Y560...

Laptops pretty cool and shall post if something goes wrong :)

me too : Sony Vaio VPCEB16FG it's the best! i have the same!

+1 for the Sony Vaio.
I have a core 2 duo that has been trouble free for the last 3 years.
I just recently replaced it with an i7 G73 Asus, but the Sony still works fine.

i think Dell is fine because recently 2 of my friends buy it and result is good performance.

I suggest you Lenovo Y460N.Since Lenovo purchased the IBM PC department,the Lenovo's laptops have improved a lot.Heat dissipation or other technics are advanced.

As far as i am concerned, i would go to lenovo series,because its solidly built and look stylish and the major advantage while comparing it with others is, it doesnt gets heater even if you work continues for 24hours,i use lenovo g550 series its well polished and has a decent graphics where i could play top games which require graphics card. dont chose hp it gets heater even if you work on excel and it boils if you play games.

The Asus G73 is a great gamer if gaming is important. You can get the single 600gb HD, ATI Mobility Radeon 5870, and a core i7 Q740 for just a tad over $1k.

WEI Scores
Processor 7.1
Memory 7.4
Graphics 7.2
Gaming Graphics 7.2
Primary HardDisk 5.9

Another plus is that there is a second drive bay, so if you wanted to add a SSD to
your system for your OS and games it's a simple plug and play.
That would give you a WEI of 7.2 which is pretty snazzy for a laptop.

sony vaio, is a durable laptop. Besides, it has the core 2 duo processor which is so necessary for carrying out any modern day digital application.

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