My dad recently got an HTC Widfire and I was setting it up for him because he didn't want to ruin it, despite the setup being very simple. I had set up the e-mail using the default "Mail" app that came on the phone (not the Gmail one) and it worked fine but I noticed that it was connecting via POP3 but we wanted it as IMAP. I went into the account settings to change it to IMAP and changed all the settings. The phone then prompts me with a message that reads something like: (I can't remember the exact wording)

"Modifying these settings will remove the current email account."

I figured this to mean that it would remove the current email account and set up another one with the settings I just set so I clicked "OK" but that's when the problem started.

The new e-mail account didn't seem to set up. Whenever I go in to the mail app, it comes up with the default menu to add a new account and doesn't allow us to access the one on it. I've tried re-creating the account but get a prompt saying that account already exists on the phone and it seems that it is because the phone is receiving new e-mail notifications but when selecting them from the notifications menu, it comes up with the default menu again.

I had a look under the "Accounts and Sync" in the settings to see if the account is listed there but it isn't. I'm trying to find a way to either get the app to show the e-mails from that account or remove the account so we can set it up again.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Have you do all this steps correctly. When you go Account and Sync, there is an option to add a new account have you try that?

Yes I did try that but the same "This account already exists" message comes up.

Since posting the original post, I have managed to resolve this. What seems to have happened is the phone somehow and for some reason set it as a Facebook account on the phone. I deleted the Facebook account which was on the phone and then I was able to re-add the e-mail account.

I'm not sure why it changed it to a Facebook account though but that seems to have been the issue.

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