I've developed a family browser that blocks adult content, it's been developed for Windows and works on PC's, laptops etc that have Windows XP, Vista, and 7.

Now I was wondering about getting it onto mobile devices but it's an unknow area for me, so can anyone help with some questions I have:

Which mobile devices use the Windows OS?
I have read the Registry is locked on these devices is that correct, and if so can you unlock it?
How can I simulate a mobile device on my PC?
Has anyone written software for mobile devices?

Thanks very much,

There are different versions of Windows for Mobile devices. Some devices are integrated with a phone, others standalone.

They all hold to the titular "Windows" followed by their version. So, you have: 2003, 2003SE, (Second Edition) 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5, 7. All are generally backwards compatible except Windows 'Mobile' 7. WM7 is not very developer friendly.

The registry can be edited, but I've never needed to do this myself. I've experimented with writing for wm 6 (Windows Mobile 6) but I didn't take it very far. As for emulating a Windows Mobile environment on your PC, there are quite a few options out there if you Google "Windows Mobile Emulator".

As for writing a browser, there is some good Competition out there in the form of Opera 10, (The fastest WM browser out there) Dolphin, and UCB. All of the WM devices have a form of Internet Explorer... yes, I thought would make you chuckle... :)

You will see a big shift away from WM to the likes of Android, Tablet versions of Windows, etc.

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