I am curious about how to root an Android phone without using any one click methods. A Google search returns only how to use programs to do this for you. Obviously there is a security vulnerability that is exploited, but I'd like to know in detail how this is done.


Each device is different. There is no 1 solution that works for all phones makes/models.

If you are really curious, dive into the XDA forums... http://forum.xda-developers.com/

Thanks for the link. I guess I'd like to know how a piece of software like One Click Root works. The developers claim that they can root any Android device with that program. So there must be some common vulnerabilities among many android phones, right?

Not really. More likely that the software can identify the phone you are rooting and has the proper process for that phone in it's code.

Even Samsung has different procedures for its phones. GS2, GS3, and GS4 all have different rooting procedures.

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