I know...I know...many people love their Driod.
But, I love my iPhone.

Unfortunately, since I am getting older, I need reading glasses to see the small screen.

Rumor is that the iPhone 6 will be 5.5" ... very sad... I really wanted 5.7" or 6".

In either case...I am sure that many people will be happy if I convert to Droid, even if it is only for screen size now.

We will see...I only have a few more months to wait :-)

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Sorry but I have to disagree with you.

I've had an iPhone from day one, but some of those non-Apple phones really feel like I'm holding a tablet up to my ear!! :)

Honestly, a phone is a phone ;) It's meant to talk on and it's meant to hold up to your ear. The iPhone screen is enormous compared to the LED display of a decade ago. If I want to browse the web or use an app, I have an iPad Mini that I carry around in my purse.

The real problem is that as I approached middle age, I need reading glasses. The small screen is no good and I need to grab eye glasses to read the screen.

Zomming, in no good because I loose a lot of screen real estate. In addition, I need 2 hands to zoom, so Apple's one hand physosophy is meaningless.

I also tend to need 2 hands to type as well, most of the time. One hand to hold the phone and the other hand to type.

Guess it is an age related ussue :-)

Wish I was 20 years younger again !

I hear what you're saying, but I think it's really just that I'm the one here who is more old school. I don't care about losing screen real estate, I don't zoom, and I rarely type. I use my phone as a phone :) It's the perfect size to hold up to my ear.

For all those mobile app type things, that's what my iPad is for :) I'd prefer to have a phone that is a good form factor for phone-capabilities and a tablet that is a good form factor for tablet activities, and not to have a one size fits all device ... because, let's face it, the size screen that is ideal for doing some light web browsing and checking my email isn't necessarily ideal to hold up to my ear.

I get that I'm probably the minority because who wants to carry around two devices with them all the time, buy two separate expensive devices, and have two data plans (although, I do have the Verizon More Everything plan that shares one data plan for multiple devices).

I think that my perspective might also be because I'm a woman, because we have the luxury of carrying around purses that are perfect to house both a phone and a tablet wherever we go.

I was thinking the same thing....I do not have a purse, bag, nor do I like carrying things (I like to be "hands free")...so, a single device on my waist of in a pocket is best. (that is why 5.7"-6" is the bets size for me)....

At 5.7" - 6", I will have the max. screen real estate for eMail, browsing the net and even GPS is larger for me to see without eye glasses :-)

I guess, if I needed reading glasses all the time, it would not matter. But, now I find it very annoying to take out reading glasses to reply to eMail or brouse the net on my phone.

BOTTOM LINE: I guess different people have different needs...aka. my dad still is happy with the old Moterola Razor that I gave him :-)

I'm an IT guy so I have a Mac and PC at work, a iPad mini and Nexus 7 for tablets, mac and dell laptops at home, and my phone of choice is Android. But that's just me.
More and more I have been thinking that a large hi-res phone is really the way to go. and 6" would be about perfect. Most people (guys especially) don't talk on a mobile phone for too long, so it wouldn't matter how we looked talking on something large even as large as a iPad mini (if we had to). A BT headset would negate that issue also.
Since your phone is almost always with you, it's battery lasts as long as tablet or more, it automatically come with two data connections, and has the same OS that tablets have-why not have just have one device?
For me a 6" Quad HD (2,560 x 1,440) screen should be a perfect fit, both in screen size (my eyes are not what they were once either) portability size.

Think of it this way for example-your on the beach reading a book on your Kindle e-reader and you get a call...now you would'nt have to put it down, fumble for your phone, unlock it and answer if you could just hold the kindle to your ear and talk, even if you got some weird looks.

Before people said, iphone should stay at 4"...that's call a phone. But right now ishit is grown up. I prefer Android over. It gives countless of possibilities.

Well, I would say its still a rumour that iPhone6 is going to be launch with a screen size of 5.5inch. I would say saying anything over it is way too early. Let us just wait and watch what Apple has in his hands for us.

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