Sony xperia z Having Lolipop upadate ?

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yes, xperia z will recieve Android Lollipop update ! But I don't think it will receive Lollipop update

but i did not get it can send u the link? @kellyburby

Well, have a look over to the sony blog post located over here according to the post whole family of xperia Z series will recieve the Lollipop update but you need to wait a little more while for the update to show up over the device ! So, what I was saying over the top is you will get the Android Lollipop update but you need to wait a little longer because first high end devcies are going to get the update and then comes the xperia z ! Hope this clears out the doubt floating across your mind !

PS: Next time please check what you are posting as your post are little hard to understand ! I didn't get the idea what you are asking about!

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