hey guys .i have the same probleme with my alfa network....;
alfa network model AWUS036h,when i plug it to computer using 5 meters usb cable it show me the message: usb device not recognized,any advice that can help??

I'm assuming it is powered by the USB connection. If so, does it work when you use a short cable? If it does than I'm guessing that it just barely gets enough power through the short cable and the power drop over the longer cable means it isn't getting enough power to work.

PS: You should have read the thread that you originally posted in. It gave the same answer that I just posted.

What the Reverend said - 5 meters is a REALLY long USB cable and unless it is designed to handle those distances (double-shielded tight twisted pair wires in the cable) you are not going to get much power through. Also, your system may not recognize the device. Post the output from lsusb (assuming you are running a Linux system) here for analysis.