Ok, I need to get a laptop & now I've got each person telling me theirs is the better laptop & I'm getting confused.

Pls. let me know your thoughts, but only if you know specifically that one unit is better than the other.

Thanks :) Michelle

First one is: (I got him down to $270, then he said $240 w/out the wireless card, but I need that in there)

IBM - T22

PIII 900MHz (256KB), 128MB RAM, 20.0GB HDD, 14.1
XGA(1024x768) TFT LCD,
8x-2.3x DVD, Intel combo, TV out, Li-Ion battery,

I have upgraded the ram to 512mb and windows xp
service pack 2 is installed on this system.

I am selling it for $310. The system does not come
with a wireless network card but I will throw that in too. Also including the Floppy drive.
2nd one...

IBM Thinkpad Model A30

mint condition , very good battery, no damage or issues, huge bright
LCD, 2 multibay slots

Intel Pentium 3 1.13ghz
256mb ram
20gb hdd
15" LCD
2 USB ports
TV out with cable included
56k modem
10/100 Ethernet
wireless 802.1b
2 PCMCIA slots
2 multibay slots
a good 2hr battery


I'd go with the first one just because it has more RAM and the specs are nearly identical, both are good name brands.

Thanks, but I wasn't asking about the specs, I was asking which is the better unit. Sorry if I wasn't clear.

The 2nd guy said he'd put another 100+ MB of RAM in there.