ID Card scheme to be scrapped next year?

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The privacy invading nonsense that is the controversial UK ID Card Scheme could be scrapped by this time next year. With the chances of the Labour Party being returned to power looking very slim indeed, the chances are that a Conservative Government will be voted in. Which is good news for privacy campaigners as the Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling MP, has confirmed that his party will scrap the ID Card Scheme if and when it gets elected.

The suppliers which have been bidding for the contracts to provide ID Cards have all been contacted by Mr Grayling who has warned them to not bother with further contract negotiations as the plans will be kicked to the kerb when the Tories win the general election.

In a statement on the Conservative Party website, Grayling says "we intend to scrap the ID card project as one of our first acts if we are successful at the election" adding a warning about making contractual arrangements with the current Government by stating "I want to make the contractors absolutely aware that we do not intend to complete this work."