That didn't take long! Apple has started rolling out the first update to the iPhone 2.0 software in the shape of the mysterious iPhone 2.0.1 which iTunes told me was available when I fired it up this morning.

I say mysterious with good reason: Apple isn't exactly shouting loudly from the roof tops with regards to what was wrong with iPhone 2.0 that needed fixing so damn quick.

What it does say is that the update includes 'bug fixes' and nothing more. Obviously, if iPhone users were told anything else they would have to be shot as it is top secret data.

Still, I have installed it like a good boy and can report that I have discovered, err, not very much at all really. Seriously, a couple of hundred MB of update download and the usual faffing around waiting for it all to happen, and then nothing to show for it.

Well, almost nothing.

The keyboard seems a little 'snappier' in use I guess, not quite as sluggish as it was. However, this is a marginal improvement and had there been any real substantive feature or functionality upgrade focus I probably would not have even bothered writing about it.

I would still have mentioned that apps are loading a little quicker than before, just a little mind. Even that would have been more a footnote than a headline though.

Oh, I know what it did, it re-arranged all my app icons back into the way that Apple wanted them displayed and I had to sit there and change the iPhone 'desktop' to my liking again. Thanks Apple.

Aha! I have just been informed by a naughty friend who wasn't happy with the App Store stuff and so Pwned her iPhone, that what this update 'fixes' is the Pwnage 'bug' so that it doesn't work any more.

Good try Apple, expect the developers to announce a working Pwnage tool real soon now, along with any other Jailbreaking app you might prefer to use.