Despite India being something of an emerging technological powerhouse economy these days, the decision to launch the iPhone 3G there has to be amongst the more bizarre made by Apple of late.

Heck, I would chance my arm and say that there is more chance of seeing someone really do the Indian Rope Trick than there is of Apple making a really stunning success of the iPhone 3G in this particular market.

Let me explain the two very good reasons why.

Firstly, and this will probably surprise many readers, Apple is launching the iPhone 3G into a country which has no 3G network. What's more, it would seem more than likely that India will remain without 3G for some time to come as government departments slog it out, and Draconian regulatory measures prevent network operators doing deals with each other to share connectivity within a few years of the 3G spectrum auctions finishing. Do not get me wrong, Apple and Vodafone are being upfront about this, and the small print on the relevant web pages do say "Currently compatible only with 2G networks. Only select features and services are currently available in India." But how many people will read that, how many will understand the implications, how many will just see the ads and read the online reviews and assume the iPhone 3G will do 'all that' in India as it does everywhere else?

Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, buying an iPhone 3G locked to a network contract in India will cost the same as the average family car. Yes, you did read that right, you can buy a car in India for the same price as your contract and that unsubsidised iPhone 3G handset.

Maybe I will be proven wrong, maybe there are enough Indian rich kids with more money than sense to make it a success. If reports I read are correct, and there really have been 200,000 pre-orders for the iPHone 3G, then maybe I will have to eat my hat. However, success has to be qualified, and will 200,000 sales be seen as a true measure of success in a country the size of India?

scru 909

Third world countries don't deserve cutting edge technology.

I am assuming that was sarcasm? :-)

It does seem odd to go with an iPhone 3G launch way before any 3G network is operational. My understanding is that the spectrum auctions have not even been held yet, let alone any work done on infrastructure building.

Makes no difference if it is a first or third world country, if there is no 3G network it is just bonkers.

Still, a nice little cash cow for Apple I guess.

What so Apple are going to continue making the original iPhone?
The iPhone 3G manages quite well on 2G networks and is cheaper to manufacture.

Utter, epic, FUD.

There is one more reason why it will and should fail... Apple has decided to price its iPhone at $750 (32K Rs) in india. Don't know what they think by keeping huge price difference between US ($300) and India? Average price in gray market is around $350 in india and hacker's price is also very cheap. I am sure more US unlocked iphone will be sold in india compare to Apple's indian version of Iphone.

also.. India is going to be a biggest market for music phone and very little mass knows Apple as a company... I think with overpriced iPhone, Apple has lost first battle in India against Nokia/Motorola/Samsung.

Aia 1,977

>Third world countries don't deserve cutting edge technology.
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.

scru 909

That was sarcasm, btw AIa

i aint buying iphone with vodafone or airtel , simply becoz i am sick of this price scheme which is 3 times more than original price all over the world and no 3g i didnt know we in india are still an old age in those terms also, sigh and what makes them say it is iphone 3g when we just have 2g networks , i would have bore that pain but sigh!! look at the price it is complete SH IT not the phone but our networks and its price , i dont know who to blame, yes it is all about us, i remember steve jobs saying iphone 3g will be priced same all over the world maybe i didn't hear he say except in poor india and apple shouldn't have launched this iphone 3g in india they could have created an indian special iphone that doesn't have 3g , why the hell it is called iphone 3g here, unfair business