Alright, this one has me confused. I have a pc that is running xp pro. When I plug anything into a USB port the computer will make its little noise that it found something, but the add new hardware wizard will never pop up. The computer will read the device, but I have to go into device manager, right click on the device, and then click update driver. It then will install and work. So my question is, how can I make the install new hardware come up every time I plug something new into a USB port. The computer just had a full system recovery, so there is no virus to cause this problem. Any help will be appreciated

In the device manager it says USB drivers are installed correctly - being as you need XP SP2 do do this?

If it's a USB device, the dialog box will come up only the first time you plug in the device. Subsequent plug ins will NOT display the dialog box.

Correct, additionally the only reason that new hardware box would continually come up like that would be either-

1. faulty USB plug

2. faulty USB device

3. Drivers for some reason don't install correctly on that paticular USB plug on that paticlar mainboard with that paticular bios.