Well currently I have 512 mb of ram instlled in my computer, I just reformatted the whole thing, everything is working fine. Except the RAM where as the computer system information is reading it at only 381 RAM, and on my BIOS I could clearly see its actually 512mb. I'm trying to install my version of Photoshop CS3 witch cost me a pretty penny, and its saying I need a computer that has at least 512mb of RAM to install. Can someone please help me out here!?


Gateway D101GGC Motherboard
Maximum Memory Capacity: 2048MB
Currently Installed Memory: 512MB
Available Memory Slots: 1
Number of Banks: 2
Dual Channel Support: Yes
CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
CPU Family: Intel(R) Celeron(R) D CPU 3.33GHz Model 6, Stepping 4
CPU Speed: 3333 MHz
Running Windows XP-Media Center Edition 2005

If you need other info please let me know.

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Check your BIOS for Video Shared memory. Looks like you have 128MB shared to video.

Your Right Thanks alot! Though I did just get another RAM Thing the very day I posted this lol sorry about that. Now I guess I have to look into what is Video shared memory. Thanks for the info!

Video Shared memory is when you have an integrated graphics card, which means your graphics card is built into your motherboard. When this is the case, your motherboard "borrows" system memory to process graphics (not good, not fast). The best way to change/fix this is to buy and install an after market graphics card that has memory built into it. Then when you upgrade your RAM from 512 to at least a Gig (windows XP) and at least 2 Gig's (windows vista) which i urge you to do, all of it will be available for system processes. This will make your graphics processing MUCH faster and your system processes faster also.



and for photoshop cs3 you would be better off putting a video card into the tower . pci-e i would assume it take

it is shared video ram. i recommend, if you have money to spare, to upgrade to atleast 1GB of ram ($20), and if any money is left, a discrete video card ($45) would be great.

Well, sorry if I didnt make it clear earlier, but I just bought and installed another RAM card, like two hours after I posted this issue.
No worries though I'll take it into consideration the fact that I have Video shared memory in the future if needed. Thanks alot appreciate all the help.

you're welcome gambino00

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