Hey All,
I have purchased a new PSU for my computer which is running on an Intel D845GVSR with Intel Pentium-4 Processor. The Problem is that , When I power up my computer The Fans(Ventilation Fans ) spin once and stop.

When i contacted my vendor regarding this. It seems that the PSU seems to work on His Machine. Though i donot know about the specs of his system though.

I wish to know what might have gone wrong?

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Hey All,
I have purchased a new PSU ?

so new means new correct ,not used ,did you make sure to plug in the 4pin p4 connection

What caperjack means id there is a 12volt power jack next to the cpu. The yellow/black power cable (extra power cable coming from the power supply unit) goes into this socket. The main socket takes the main power. It is usually 24 pin for newer boards but some earlier versions were only 20 pin (like mine). if the cable is a 24 pin adapter, the remaining 4 pin socket can slide off. Dont use this for the extra socket.

Just for interest sake, can you tell me the Watts the power supply is? Sometimes the actual watts is part of the name or serial number if it is not obvious. Otherwise can you tell me how many Amps?

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