According to a new poll the Apple iPhone 3GS is the smartphone that most Brits would want to be seen with on the beach this summer. The poll asked some 1500 people which smartphone they would be taking to the beach, and 28 percent of them said it would have to be the iPhone 3GS.

In second place on a fairly distant 11 percent was the new Nokia N97 which placed just a fraction ahead of HTC Hero on 10 percent of the vote. Way back in fourth place was the Palm Pre which collected five percent of voters, and the Toshiba TG01 managed to scrap a fifth place on just two percent of the poll.

I'm not quite sure where this leaves BlackBerry, despite the Bold and the Curve both getting mentioned in the poll, BlackBerry failed to hit the top five spots. Mind you, the beach is not place to be doing business I guess, unless it involves selling ice cream that is.

Perhaps the most telling result of this poll, however, would seem to be the fact that some 30 percent of those asked said that they are not buying a new phone at all this year, and for that matter not going on vacation either!

I am planning to take a vacation, and hit the beach with my iPhone 3GS. I've not got a white one so it should not turn pink in the heat. It got me thinking about which apps were best suited to beach usage and you know what, I came up with a blank. Maybe one of the weather applications or something that shows tides. But beyond the obvious? Perhaps I should ask the guy who managed to jailbreak the 3G, he has the right name in being Mr Hotz. But then again, my iPhone is not jailbroken, so maybe not. OK then, over to you folks, what would you suggest as the ideal iPhone app for the beach?

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