i have a computer here which i cleaned with a computer dust spray. my family member was complaining it makes a lot of noise. i noticed the pcu fan was so dusty, i cleaned it with the spray.

when i was done, i started the computer and i get this continious long beep. i get to the post stage and sometimes i see the win xp loading (or safe mode), then the computer shuts down.

i took out the fan again, placed it back. still nothing.
i took out the RAM, placed it back and still nothing.
i took out the battery, places the RAM in a different slot, and the computer loaded without the beeping sound, but it still shuts down after about 20 seconds.

any ideas?

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make sure the heatsink of your processor is seated properly...

Did you try a system restore?
Or refresh your corrupted files?
Required : Windows XP operating system, Windows XP cd
Place the xp cd in your cd/dvd drive
Press win key+r type in 'sfc /scannow' (without the ')

Now it should all load, and fix all your corrupted file on windows XP

The beeping on start up is the computer saying 'I cant use the .... device!'
The type of device it cant use is determined by the number of beeps.
ie 3 beeps I think means the video is not present etc. There is a list on googlle.
If the main processor is not working in modern computer is will actually say to you 'processor test not passed 'or something similiar. count the beeps and then try to find how many equals what.