Basically I am wondering if there is a hardware adapter available that will allow me to install a SATA drive into a laptop that. is set up for IDE.
I have a Dell 1150, that has an adapater (feed thru) that is required to install standard IDE drives. So the question, is there and adapter to fit SATA drive to match up to the 40 pin IDE connector inside the laptop. I'm not really concerned about performance..I just don't want to buy another IDE hard drive is I can use one of my spare SATA drives.

You can find SATA(HDD) to PATA(Mother Board) converter,
but it's a little difficult for Laptop computer because it doesn't have enough physical space of HDD.
There is NO guarantee but if you don't mind, you might try it...

I recommend you use external HDD(SATA) via USB connection...

Or, if you are wanting to get faster speed than current drive,
you may try to install PATA(IDE) 7200 rpm with big cache HD drive.
It should be fine to run your machine.

i would contact dell they might know