Hi any help with the following problem would be greatly appreciated as I have a deadline with my work!! (argh!),

OK - I have an Advent laptop that has a dead screen, on starting it appears to start fine - I get the windows starting sounds all the right lights show etc but I end up with just a dead screen.

I have tried using an external monitor and then as it boots up I get a windows splash screen but after that the external monitor is also blank.

However, if I start the laptop in safe mode the external monitor screen will work fine. I have tried the roll back feature of windows but no change, have done a virus scan - not luck either.

I have tried taking battery out, mains off and holding start button for 30 secs (as seen advised in other similar threads) with no luck.

This problem started after I had put laptop into hibernate mode, when I tried to restart it twice I got loud beeping suggesting flat battery but have since charged battery.

Hope someone out there can help!



If your laptop screen is bust the controller might still think its OK (depends on the bust). if that's the case, then pressing the appropriate function key to go to the attached monitor might work in normal mode.

I've never thought about the safe mode situation but I'm guessing that safe mode pushes out to all attached screens in clone mode.

Anyway, I suspect hardware.

Hi Suspishio - thanks for your help,

I had already tried pressing the appropriate function key with no luck - however tried again and getting fed up with it I pressed it several times and discovered that it had more than function and I now have output to monitor. - doh!

Also noticed that there is a very very dim image on my screen - so guess it might be the inverter that is bust.

Anyhow happy now that I can finish my assignment using the external monitor - thanks again.

By the way as I was typing this after 3 days not working and me doing everything I could think of to get it going all of a sudden the screen just started working???!!????

Anyhow thanks Suspishio


Glad you're sorted. Kindly mark this thread as SOLVED.

If the laptop screen is working again, it'll be something like a bad flat wire connection in the piece going from the lid to the motherboard. Something like that and the problem will probably come back.

Best of luck.