My laptop will turn on but the screen is just blank. :cry: <BLACK> :cry:

When it turns on it gives me this code like a long beep followed by 3 short ones and then repeats the same beep.

Like this: _ . . . _ . . .

It was working fine and then went to sleep mode when I left it alone but when I returned...NOTHING. I shut it down and restarted to hear those beeps.

Any help would be appreciated! I've let the computer cool down and still same problem.

:cry: Kimberly :cry:

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hi i have almost same laptop and just experienced same problem- - if you get an answer to fix can you help me please? i will help you if i get one first! fingers crossed.
regards macaroni


I've had similar experiences that usually points to corrupt memory.

If you have 2 moduales pull one out, switch it with the other slot.

If you only have one slot n one module, try to find away to replace it. This may cost you $$$$. And although i'm confident thats your answer i could be wrong.


I just had the same blank screen problem, but you can get your machine to work
if you plug into a flat screen monitor (not a CRT) and FNC + F3, and that toggles to
alternate monitor (your flat panel) so at least you can use your machine till it is fixed.
I contacted HP about the problem, and they said the Display Card is bad.
But check when booting-up to see if you get clock error 0207 which means your
battery is dead, and may keep the monitor from sync with CPU.

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