Hi I am new in the forum.....I just installed windows vista and I'm having trouble with the hardrive memory....every time I enter my computer I see that the memory is lower....right now is 10 g less than it was when I install vista....I ran Norton scan and it did not detect any virus

what can this be and how can I fix it????

Are you taking into consideration the size of the Vista file?

yes...thanks for your help but I found what wa the problem

aparently vista's sistem restore takes a lot of memory..in my case every 10 minutes I noticed that my hardrive memory went down .1 or something like that...finally I turned off system resotore and I got 15 Gb of memory back..i turn it on again and I think it is happening again so I dont know if I should leave it like that or turn it off because system restore is a very important feature

The general consensus regarding Vista from those who know is to not buy it until at least a year has passed or they have applied their first service pack, and now you know why.


Hard drive = Storage
RAM = Memory

System Restore is like Health Insurance. It costs some money every month, but incase you ever need it you are glad you have it.

Or maybe it's that when you do need it, they both deny your claim - who knows.