I am helping my brother in law out trying to do a non destructive repair using the installation disc. When we went through all the steps and got to the section that shows the hard drives it does not recognize the hard drive and won't let us do a repair. If we wanted to do a clean install it still would not recognize the hdd.
I decided to check bios and see what was recognized and in the hdd section it showed that the hdd was a SCSI. It is not a SCSI drive. We checked PC Wizard 2008 and it showed SCSI. All the places show that it is a SCSI. What is causing this? It is not a SCSI drive but a SATA drive. Can anyone tell me what has happened?

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XP detects SATA as SCSI because SATA didnt exist when XP was made.

Youll notice that when installing XP RTM you have to hit f6 when it says "hit f6 for SCSI/RAID drivers" in order for your SATA disk to be detected.

Linux does a similar thing.

IDE drives are hda1, hda2, hdb etc..... whereas SATA/SCSI drives (some sata driver are shown as IDE however, if they are in compatibility mode) are sda1, sda2, sdb etc...


Yep, I hit F6 and used the floppy and it worked. Now we have a problem that it won't install any more of the SP2 updates that it says we need. It says it failed to install.


yeah doning a repair reinstall removes prettymuch all updates. You definately need to reinstall the individual updates, maybe SP2.

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