I have IBM Thinkpad R52 1.73 Ghz, 256 DDR2 RAM . Originally, i had a combo drive .Recently , I installed a DVD drive, which is a DVD-RAM drive. I dont know what the problem is, but my computer crashes as soon as I insert a disk. Is my board not capable of handling DVD-RAM drives or is something wrong with the drivers?? What should i do . Please help

Prakhar Prakash

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Well, I tried to have a look at it, but ccouldnt understand anything. Anyways, I discoved something-my drive can read/write CDs properly, and only in case of reading DVDs the system crashes. What should i do now.

I also updated the firmware but still the problem remains unresolved.


I think this relates to bad RAM. I would recommend that you get your RAM checked for problems. Run memtest86 to be sure. Also, see if you can use your DVD drive on another lappy and see if the problem recurs...

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