Hey there.

Recently installed OS X on my beige G3 (I know, I know.) In the process, I cannibalized an old hard drive from a Windows machine.

Here's my issue: the "new" HD worked fine for a few days. Then it crashed, then it crashed HARD...had to reformat. Ran Norton, it found a bad sector. OK, fine.

Norton blocked off the bad sector, but then everything I downloaded to the disc was corrupt. Ran Norton again, now suddenly, the bad sector's not bad anymore (it's not seeing it anymore!)

After running Norton every few hours (I'm in the middle of doing some very computer-intensive work,) it finds "major" problems, which are things like bad volume bitmap, or allocations. Thing is, I fix 'em, and even if I do nothing to the disc afterwards, the next time I run Norton, the same things are bad!

Now (finally!) here's my question: is it the obvious thing, do I have bad hardware? Or is this an issue with installing old (reformatted, of course) Windows HDs that is going to follow me if I install another one? I've got a line on a used 4 gig (I don't need THAT much space, and besides, I'm poor :P) but I don't want to waste my time if it's just gonna do this junk again.

Thanks for any insight :)

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Now (finally!) here's my question: is it the obvious thing, do I have bad hardware?

Barring any additional information - YES!

Additional information being details like:

- brand of hard drive
- speed
- capacity
- age of drive



Ah yes, it's been so long since I've done computer support I forgot about that kind of thing :)

Old 2 Gig Seagate, dunno how fast.

I suppose my question was whether or not this sort of flaw was inherent in using ex-Windows HDs with Mac. I'm gonna go ahead and get the old 4 gig I mentioned, and give it a shot.


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