After years of dial up internet, I thought I would splurge and finally get DSL with Verizon.
This is the problem, which Verizon has been unable to help with. Everytime I want to go to the internet - I need to run the CD program again - EVERY TIME!!! Once I'm connected it is great!.... but if I want to connect again in lets say 3 to 4 hours or even the next day - cannot find the connection. I have tried to uninstall the program and reinstall - same thing. I am so frustrated and spending as much time as did before with dial up.
Any suggestions? Please help!!!!!

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What is your OS?
Do you have a router?
What make and model is your computer?
You should be able to configure this connection manually-no CD is really needed.
Try the internet connection wizard in Network Settings.


I have windows XP
Dell dimension E521 (computer is about 4 months old)
Verizon supplied Westell 6100

Would really appreciate help in configuring connection manually. I will also try the internet connection wizard.

Thank you so much. Waiting for your response.

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