im about to invest in an amd fx 62 with 4 gigs of ram around 600 gigs of hard drive space a dvd burner and an nvidia geforce 7950 1 gig vid card only problem is i need a huge power supply and i have no clue how big or what kind of power supply to buy.
i would appreciate help on this issue

also im going to have a lot of fans and probably some lights in the case so that might factor in.

i would also prefer not to spend over a hundred dollars

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I really dont think that you can spend less than a hundred dollars on a power supply to supply that. And if your willing to spend so much on the computer parts, why dont you spend the same on the thing that powers them?


I agree. Considering you're putting together such a beefy system, it'll be worth your while to invest in a high power and good quality PSU. Im not sure of a model, but PSUs from Antec are really good. I suggest you get a 550 Watt PSU at the very least for your system...


I have a 550W Coolmax in my system. Very happy with it. It runs quiet and fairly cool, plus has a manual switch on the back to control fan speed. It replaced the giant (and very hot) Antec I once had. I'd recommend Coolmax. Mine cost around $80, and they make even higher-end power supplies than that.


Try this calculator:

It lets you work out what supply you will need quite easily.

As for buying a PSU i would look to spend as much money as you can afford, building an amazing system only to have it get fried by a $40 PSU is an experience we can all live without! :rolleyes:

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