hi got a prob my computer was running all ok yesterday . but today on startup its saying no signal to the monitor . i have tryed a spare grafic card that i had lying around . still no luck . the fan on the grafic card runs ok . i am not getting the bleep on start up either . hard drive seems ok i have tryed a different one as well still no joy. any ideas ??????

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No beeps on startup?

I was going to point a finger at your memory but...

I'd still take out your memory and put it back in and try again.

i tryed that with no difference . but i did try a different hard drive and got a succession of bleeps . think it was 2 and then 4

i think your computer is in loose contact ,that is ormally a single beep sound at the time of start up is normal but when your ram is in loose condact or not connected properlly your system will not start to work and no thing will be shown in your moniter also,so remove your ram and reinsert carefully then restart

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