I was asked by my father to have a look at his computer for him. The computer keeps crashing on boot up and needs re-starting 9 or 10 times before it will stay on. At first I thought it might be a resources problem but he has plenty of disc space left and his RAM seems to be working properly. Then I thought of his video card. He has a ATI Radeon X1300 card installed. At first, this seemed to be the right idea because, on boot up, he gets a message saying 'there was a problem reading some script and ATI will be shut down'. However, in the Device Manager, it says that the device is working properly and there are no conflicts. Then I went to the website at Sapphiretech, thinking of downloading and updating the drivers. However, he is running Windows2K and there are no drivers for the X1300 for Windows2K, just XP and Vista. So I then thought it was a compatability issue with his OS. Yet when I asked him, he told me he'd had the X1300 in for about 9 months and it's been working fine, the problem hasn't really been a problem until recently. I also tried taking the X1300 out and replacing it with a Vanta video card but this didn't solve the problem either, then I tried it with just the motherboard's onboard graphics and this also didn't solve the problem.
So now I'm stumped. Although my instincts still say it's to do with graphics, I'm not so sure anymore. It's as though the machine needs to 'warm up' before it will work. Does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks in advance for any help offered.

Could be a power supply problem. What's the voltage of his PSU? Although it could suggest possibly a virus attack of some sort. Seeing as it hasn't happened until recently. What Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware program is running on this machine. Make sure it is updated and run a scan. Also can you boot into Safe Mode when you are needed to reboot the machine constantly?

when does the restart occur? after or before logon?

If I remember correctly, it's a 350W power supply. However, there aren't very many peripherals for it to run. He uses AVG anti-virus. Now, in the AVG control center, it mentions spyware. However, I have an AVG anti-spyware program on my laptop which is seperate from the AVG anti-virus. So I'm not too sure whether his AVG is covering spyware or not. When the machine crashes and is told to reboot, it doesn't give the option for booting into safe mode, it just goes immediately into post and then boot up.

PJ Van Wyk.
The problem can happen at any time. It's happened on boot up, after log on, it's even happened after half an hour of working. But, more often than not, it happens during boot up and just after log on.

Thank you both for taking the time to reply, it's much appreciated.

Boot into safemode:
restart the computer,
just after post but before booting win2k starts press f8,
the windows 2000 advanced options menu appear,
choose safemode and press enter.

If the re starting stops, you'll know it is not the power supply, but maybe a service that starts when booting in normal mode or a virus or spy ware.

check for viruses and spyware (remember to use updated virus definitions) You can use Lavasoft's Ad-Aware for spyware removal. You may download it here:

if re starting persists, I would check if the power supply is failing first, before anything else.

If he is using AVG free edition then he just covered from Virus attacks not spyware. If has AVG internet security he is covered from everything. I would recommend Spybots Search & Destroy program found here
It has found quite a lot on my system that Norton didn't!

spybot and ad-aware ,are both recommended as they both have different data base of spyware .one will find what the other doesn't

hmm cnat you use prime 95 and asus probe to moniter the psu and check if it is working properly??

his RAM seems to be working properly. .

how did you determine this ,did you use memtest86 or another ram diagnostic tool .

Apparently, while I was at work (I work as a trucker and am away all week), my Dad took his machine to a local repair shop and, it turns out, it was the motherboard. How, or why, I don't know as everything they told him he has forgotten (which is a shame as I'd like to have known).
Anyway, to everyone who tried to help and offered their advice, you have my sincere gratitude. I hope I can repay you all one day.
Thank you.:)

your dad did the right thing ,took it to a shop!! we can guess all day long ,they had hands on contact !!