Hi again, long time since I posted something here. :)

Problem: My Acer Aspire 1801WSMi is dead. No boot, no post, no fans, no lights. The powerbrick seems to be fine (19Volts). No strange smell (burnt components) or something like that.

Can somebody help me to find a startingpoint for this problem? I don't know where to start.

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There are lots of posts in this forum concerning a dead laptop. Unlike desktops, laptops are not a viable home repair job if they are power dead.

You've said that the power brick delivers the correct voltage. SO the problem lies the other side of the power in socket.

I suppose it might be worthwhile opening the thing up on the underside and look see if there is something hanging off the board that should have been attached.

It is more likely, however, that some sort of spike has found its way to your mobo and blew a capacitor or more.

So bottom line, when a laptop dies, it's not usually a DIY job.

The data on your disk is, of course, competly saveable by placing it into a USB enclosure for attachment to another PC.

Sorry there's no good news. I suspect others who reply will agree.


Well, ty anyway. I ordered a MAX1845 IC, the Step-down controller on the MB. Hope this is the component that helpes my system boot up again. I'll post my results soon.

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