i have just built a new custom computer but it wont work. every thing seems to be pulged in correctly and i usedthe motherbord user manual to make sure of it. nothing works no fas no heatsink no nothing except a little led light on the motherbord that lights up. its a abit Model #: AA8XE-3rd Eye and only a 8 in a yello led shows up when i turn on the psu. but if i hit the power button nothing will turn on. i made sure the cord was pluged into the motherbord show it can turn on. can anyone give me a list of reasons of what it could be?

I put mine together mahself as well...when I went through the process ((as painstaking as it was)) I plugged everything in and hit the power switch and everything was fine....so, to make sure you didnt pass anything up, heres a few things to ask yoursef:

A: Did I ground myself? -When working with pc parts, its important to keep static electricity to a minimum- If you didnt ground yourself, but touched your parts anyway, you could have very easily fried your motherboard and not even notice...sometimes you wont even get a spark or anything...

B: If I know I grounded myself, did I make sure I opened the circut on my power supply? -Sorry if you take offense to this one, thinking I may be calling you stupid or anything...Im really not, in fact, I cant tell you how many times I almost went along crying, because I thought my pc just wouldnt work...found out I had the switch on my power supply set to closed circuit...- Check to make sure, just incase, noones perfect..specially in the PC world ((YOU HEAR ME BILL GATES....YOUR NOT GOD ><; )) -gets dragged off by men in white...-

i sent it back rma power suply was good and everything was pluged in i did shock it... i was just doa

Check power power supply by short-out pins 14 and 15 on the power supply main power connector, and plug-in the power cord just long enough to heard the fans, if you do heard the fans running, replaced the motherboard you motherboard at fault.