I have acquired a HP ZD8000 laptop, which wont turn on.

When I press the on button the LED's light up, and sometimes the fans begin to fire up, but only for a split second. When I press the on button whilst both the battery is connected and the power supply is aswell the charging LED goes out when I press the on button and I have to remove power supply and reconnect for the charging LED to come back on again.

Please HELP!!

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Please HELP!!!

Unplug the AC adapter from your computer.

Remove the main battery.

Remove the memory sticks in their slots and clean their gold contact with a pencil eraser.

Keep pressing the power button for about 1 minute.

Put everything back in again then start your computer.

Hope this helps.......

I had the same problem. I tried your fix and it worked!!! Thanks, you saved me lots of money!

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