Hey, I get this error occasionally on PC:

at top:

and at bottom:
0x0000000A (0x79280BEC, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x804E65DE)

This happends randomly but consistenly after computer has been on for a bit.. I read elswhere that it could be ram or other hardware.. but none of them had that specific code for their error(not that I know if that matters).


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hi kingpie, reset your CMOS and try reseating your memory and clean the gold fingers before you put it back


Update.. I checked the biosand found that the thing was running typically at 65 or 70 degrees +.. so I cleaned the heat sink(whcih was clogged with dust) and now it runs at 46 and stays about there.

I havn't checked the memory, but it hasn't reset since then.. also noted that 7 of the motherboard caps are bulging or corroded... but apparently the board is a trooper and still going. Although any idea how long the board will las with that going on? It was working fine in the computer I took it out of.

Note, all the bulging one are around the CPU.. so I thinkit may have something to do with the overheating.. and now that that is fixed hopefully they won't get worse

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