Hello! please help me.
I have a Toshiba Laptop with fairly new video cards & drivers. I also have a new Panasonic LCD tv. They are hooked together with an S-video card. Now i can see everything clearly. I have full view of my wallpaper, and can even play games on it perfectly. However whenever i click on any form of media (for example .avi files played through Windows Media Player, Quicktime videos, or really anything) there will be no video display. Though i will see the media player on the tv, what it is showing is nothing but darkness. I assume i may need some codec, or maybe new hardware, but that's really just a guess. Please advise me on what to do.

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Goto your video control panel for your video card. then designate the LCD TV as your primary display. I have the same issue with mine, and when the media plays, it only shows on the primary display. Good luck, and repost.

Yes, your response helped me. It is now working fine. The only thing different in my case was that there was no text saying "LCD TV Display" but instead just simply an icon in the shape of what i believe was a tv. Either way, thank you for your advice because it has now solved my problem. You have my gratitude.

No Problem. Please mark this thread as solved so everyone knows.

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