I have a pos Gateway laptop. Is there a way I can take a faster desktop prosseser and put it in my laptop? Also it runs slower when I onto my battery. Like 10 mins to get Mozzila runing. As soon as I plug the power in its fast as can be. I have 2gigs of ram. One last question why is this thin running so dam hot. thank you all

1) no
2) its supposed to make itself slower when on battery. Its a powersaving feature
4) you might have spyware or something
5) laptops tend to get hot. Blow the dust out of the fan and do not run it on your lap

If you download ISW you can find out what motherboard and processor you have in the laptop. Once you know what the motherboard is you can google to see what CPUs are compatible with it. If your computer is still under warranty changing the CPU will void the warranty.

laptops are designed for a specific heat and power output/input. Changing the CPU may therefore have underired effects

That is true, but if there is another CPU that their board supports it shouldn't be an issue.