I have a Packard Bell easy note which I bought in June 2004.

It has a cd burner/writer which is also a dvd player but not a dvd burner. Idon't useit that often only to burn music and back up pictures.

It has been working fine up until yesterday when it would not read a cd. I went into "My computer" and the cd burner was not even displayed in there. When I turn the computer on the light on the cd burner illuminates for acouple of seconds and then goes off. Can anyone help.

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have you checked in the BIOS if the combo is there coz it would mean you have a hardware problem not software or system

Sorry my computer knowledge is very poor can you explain thisin more simple terms.



when you power on the computer there is a hardware setup called BIOS i.e Basic Input Output System which handles all your hardware before the operating system uses it. you can go to the setup using Delete,F2 or F12 depending on manufacture. There you check whether your CDwriter/DVD-ROM(Combo) is detected

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