After a three week vacation, I turned on my older computer and nothing happened -- no lights, fans, or any action whatsoever. I tore it apart, checked the push button switch and its wiring to the mother board. I opened up the power supply and checked what I thought was a fuse. Everything checks out but no power is getting to the machine. It's probably the power supply but I would like some confirmation from you guys that have experienced such a problem.

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this might sound dumb but did you check the power cable ( where the PC is plugged in)

Hi Bobby:
Doesn't sound dumb. But, yes, I have current going to the power supply.
Thanks for your reply.

Normally, if you have power going to the power supply and the cooling fan in the power supply is not spinning, then I would replace the power supply. However, if the power supply is on, the cooling fan is spinning and the pc still will not boot, then I would use a multi-meter to test the voltages at the end molex connectors. Sometimes a bad power supply will have enough power to spin the internal cooling fan but not enough power to boot the pc. The connectors comming off the power supply should read approx. 12 volts on the yellow wire and approx. 5 volts on the red wire. Just simply turn the muti-meter to test Direct Curent, plug the black "ground" prong into the black molex hole and the "red" prong from the multi-meter into the yellow molex hole and see what it reads. And do vice versa for the red wire. Chances are the power supply will need to be replaced however I always like to check my voltages before I do any purchasing. Hope this helps