I upgraded to a new graphics card, an EVGA GeForce 8600GT and inserted it and upgraded to the newest drivers, I went to test the game and the "seams" are still there, my computer is clean and I don't think it's overheating as everything inside is nice and ventilated. What could be causing this? I noticed the seams and such after I moved to my new home (Near 6-7 months ago, give or take), but my PC was transported in a car and not bumping into things so I doubt anything was damaged.

I am running my background resolution at 1024x768 and everything looks a tiny bit blury where as on the GeForce 7300 LE is did not at this resolution. (Had to insert an adapter that came with the Graphics Card onto the monitor slot to hook up my Plug & Play monitor, would that have any affect on it?)

Just trying to pin-point where the problem lies as it's highly annoying to look at.

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You got enough power? that cards needs quite a lot of juice

Yes, I meet the power requirement and the blurriness "appears" to have gone away once I hooked up the power thing to the graphics card (the power adapter that makes it get a better power supply quicker or w/e) either that or my eyes have just adjusted, either way I cannot notice any blurriness.

The "seams" issue existed with a previous graphics card as well, that's my major concern as it makes gaming annoying, as the "seams" (I use the term loosely as it is more than just seams, it ranges from textures not lining up properly, textures being to far apart, textures overlapping, etc)

Replacing my graphics card did not fix the problem, I'm using my computer with the side panel off to see if anything is overheating and checking to see if the fans are all spinning and so-far so good, so what else could be causing the problem?


These are some pictures of my issues with just one game, any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have just tried a different monitor (with different wires and everything) no change, still getting the graphical issues.


I went back to my old graphics card since the new one was causing slight blurr even with adequate power supply and it did not fix my graphical issue, anything that would be causing these "seams"?

Not monitor related (tried different monitors/monitor wires)

Not Graphics card related (tried different graphics cards)

Not overheating (Machine is clean and all fans are running fine)

What could the problem be?

mmm May be a connector issue possibly. Are all the connectors for the monitor free of dust and debris?
What computer is it by the way?

I have checked all the wiring and it's all dust free, I am using a Dell XPS 400... These issues never used to be there and I can't figure out what would be causing the problem.

Could at a long shot be a virus, so i would update your anti-virus & anti-spyware protection, then run a full system scan. Might find something lurking around in your system.

My PC is Virus/Spyware free so I'm not thinking that is the problem. :(

Is it running XP or Vista?
Also have you tried doing a system restore back to a point when these 'seams' didn't appear?

Using Windows XP, and I cannot remember and exact date on when I didn't notice the seams thus I cannot do a system restore.

You still can try a system restore. Just be careful that you don't send it too far back, and that you keep any documents etc. that you have created after the date you are restoring back to.

it doesnt restore documents, only registry settings and system files.

and if you go too far back, you can go forward again

Hello, I went back to the card and toyed with it, after reinserting it I noticed that even on lower resolutions it was slightly blurry so I secured the power adapter to the 8600GT and my Hard drive to make sure extra power was flowing to the card, then the blur was still there, so I clicked my monitors auto-adjust and that fixed the problem 100%

The graphical "seams" are still there though, not really sure what could be causing them at all.

Different Graphics Card: Problem still there.

Different Monitor: Problem still there.

Different monitor cables: Problem still there.

Cleaned PC insides completely free of dust and fluff: Problem still there.

System Restore to over half a year back: Problem still there.

Virus/Spyware search: Nadda

Only thing I can think of is, maybe it's because I'm using VGA? My new card is DVI (with little adapters to hook onto the DVI slot to make it VGA) I'm going to try getting a DVI wire and see if that fixes it, if it does not, I am at a complete loss as to what could possibly be causing these abnormalities...

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