:cry: i have a dell optiplex gxp1 server that wont keep time accurate even after replacing the cmos battery. it will lose 1 hr at times. in the device manager it shows in system timer in properties no drivers installed. what could be wrong? :lol:

What OS are you running on it?
Does it always lose time by exactly one hour?

it's working fine now. i dont know what happened. this all started when i installed a dvd rom awhile back. if you know how to set bios for cd-rw & dvd view my post in hardware. cd-rw not showing. thanks for replying. oh! i'm running xp family.

The reason that I asked is that this problem occurs often when the time zone settings are incorrect. You'll set the time manually and the system will reset it while connected to the internet, causing the time to be shifted some multiple of an hour.

yes, :lol: i've done checked every possible thing there is to check unless i've missed something. but is working fine now. thanks. :evil: this pc has been on the fritzts for numorous things since i put the dvd rom in. :D i think i fixed the dvd issue though.it was a challenge.